Skills-Drills-Courses of Fire

DTI Dance

Facing the target from the interview stance. Shooter has live round chambered, 4 rounds in the magazine and 1 dummy round randomly placed. Shooter will have at least 1 additional magazine, fully charged, with which to reload. First command is “Start moving.” Shooter moves laterally, left and right until the next command. Shooter must look …

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Drill #1 New Jersey Fish and Wildlife

COURSE OBJECTIVE: To assess the shooter’s ability to accurately fire the shotgun in a multiple threat scenario, vehicle dismount, use of cover, safe movement and handgun transition to be evaluated. AMMUNITION: Fully loaded pistol, 4 rounds buckshot COURSE OF FIRE: Shooter seated in vehicle, shotgun in rack loaded with 3 rounds of buckshot. Shooter has …

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Darn it!

The shooter fires at P1.  On the shot timer, shooter must engage each target (T1-T8) with a total of two rounds. No targets may be engaged with two consecutive rounds. Each target transition must be made in the opposite direction as the transition before (i.e. if the last transition was to the left, the next target engaged …

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