Complete Range Master Course

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An Intensive 3 Day Program

For Both Newcomers & Seasoned Firearms Instructors

The role of Range Masters and Firearms Instructors is paramount, requiring an intricate blend of proficiency in skills spanning organization, training, and documentation. Recognizing the profound responsibility and potential repercussions of their roles – including life-altering decisions and possible litigation – they must perpetually prepare to withstand community scrutiny and judicial assessments.

Introducing the Range Master Course – your comprehensive guide to excelling in range management for law enforcement.

Gone are the days when merely following the standard state qualification courses sufficed. Modern firearms training should integrate enriching exercises and champion the principles of adult learning. It demands the delivery of relevant, updated content, with an emphasis on state standards intertwined with real-world scenarios. An instructor armed with obsolete materials is not just a risk to himself but to the entire organization.

This intensive three-day program is meticulously crafted to elevate both newcomers and seasoned firearms instructors, ushering them into an enhanced phase of their professional journey.

Core Highlights of the Range Master Course:

  • Positional Precision: Understand the underlying reasons and justifications behind the selection of Range Masters.
  • Adaptive Adult Learning: Immerse in the nuances of adult learning techniques tailored for effective firearms training.
  • Lesson Logistics: Dive deep into lesson plan creation and execution, ensuring every module you teach is impactful.
  • Safety First: Prioritize the safety of range personnel and attendees at all times.
  • Strategic Responses: Formulate range incident action plans, with a focus on medical emergencies.
  • Mastering Management: Grasp the complete scope of a Range Master’s control and influence.
  • Financial Foresight: Develop budget strategies tailored for Range Master responsibilities.
  • Legal Lens: Delve into pertinent case law affecting range management.
  • Guidelines and Governance: Master the intricacies of policy, procedure, scheduling, and record-keeping.
  • Skill Synthesis: Emphasis on instantly applicable skills that can be incorporated into your training modules.
  • Design and Durability: Understand the intricacies of range design and upkeep.
  • Eco-Care: Learn about hazardous material abatement, ensuring a safer environment.

Emerge as a certified Range Master, equipped with a wealth of knowledge, ready to champion best practices in the field. The future of range mastery awaits you.

Annual Training Conference

The Annual Training Conference (ATC) is an annual seminar providing informative individual classes and dynamic live fire range exercises that are topical, relevant, and dependent to law enforcement, military, and private sector firearms instructors.  

Firearms Instructor Course

The IALEFI® Firearms Instructor Course is designed to train and certified law enforcement, military, and licensed security personnel as instructors. This 44-hour course is interactive with students directly participating in course presentations through developing and teaching segments of learning while being mentored by experienced firearms instructors. 

Complete Range Master Course

Range masters and firearms instructors must be proficient in a broad-spectrum of skills including organization training, and documentation. They must have a comprehensive understanding of the responsibility undertaken when accepting this position. Programs they design and implement may result in taking a life that could result in litigation.  

Master Instructor Development Program

The IALEFI Master Instructor Development Program (MIDP) was designed to provide continuing education to individuals certified as firearms instructors. Foundation courses of the MIDP include instructor level training on the three most commonly utilized law enforcement weapon systems, handgun, rifle, and shotgun. 

Regional Training Conference

Much like the IALEFI Annual Training Conference (ATC), the Regional Training Conference (RTC) is a two to three day firearms instructor training event hosted by a local law enforcement agency or private range. Topics are often dictated by the host or local law enforcement needs

Custom Training

IALEFI will present training programs on a variety of law enforcement firearms-related topics upon request. Examples of these programs include active shooter for patrol officers, in-service training for snipers, or in-service firearms training for an entire agency.  

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