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International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Inc® (IALEFI®)


Born out of a shared concern for advancing the standards and techniques of law enforcement firearms instruction in 1981, IALEFI® has emerged as a prominent non-profit association leading the charge for modernized, high-caliber firearms training. With an elected Board of Directors from our diverse and global membership, we address universal challenges in the firearms instruction domain.

Our growth trajectory has been phenomenal. From local and federal US law enforcement to representation from Hong Kong and Saipan, our reach truly captures the “International” essence of our association’s name.

Why Join IALEFI®?

Joining IALEFI® isn’t just about being a member. It’s a commitment to excellence. Here’s what you gain:

  • Renowned Accreditation: Receive a distinguished credential from a globally recognized organization, elevating your profile beyond your agency.
  • Enhanced Credentials: Bolster your portfolio, showcasing your dedication to higher standards of instruction.
  • Skill Enhancement: Dive deep into courses designed to refine and elevate your teaching prowess in firearms instruction.
  • Exclusive Access: Submerge yourself into our Members Area, including forums, digital editions of The Firearms Instructor magazine, and much more.
  • IALEFI® Events: Engage in our hallmark events, from regional training sessions to our prestigious Annual Training Conference.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy member-exclusive deals from our esteemed corporate partners.
  • Professional Networking: Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow instructors from around the globe.

Your affiliation with IALEFI® is more than membership; it’s an endorsement of your commitment to excellence and an investment in your future as a firearms trainer.

Membership Qualifications:

Active Membership Qualifications

Applicants for Active Membership ($55.00) are carefully screened to ensure that all are qualified professionals. Active members are individuals at least twenty-one (21) years of age professionally engaged in training of law enforcement, security, criminal justice and investigative agency and organization (licensed or officially recognized by their respective state or country) personnel in the use of firearms and shooting skills, or such an individual who has retired under normal retirement procedures, or has been placed on disability due to injuries or illness subject to Board review. Under exceptional circumstances, an individual less than twenty-one (21) years of age applying for active membership could, upon approval by a majority of the Board of Directors, be accepted to Active membership in the Association. Once your membership has been established we have optional 2 and 3 year renewals offering savings, 2 year for $100.00 and 3 years for $150.00.

Applicants for active membership must have successfully completed an initial law enforcement firearm instructor course recognized by IALEFI® and provide a copy of the certificate of completion with the application. Documents that are unable to be verified will not be considered.

The written endorsement by the applicant’s supervisor (or past supervisor for retired / disability retired applicants) is required for approval. Firearms Instructors not affiliated with an agency, must attach letter(s) or other proof that they are professionally engaged in firearms training of law enforcement, security, criminal justice, or investigative personnel.

Associate members who later qualify for Active Membership must file a new application. They will be upgraded at no cost.

What are the types of Memberships in IALEFI®?

  1. Active Membership ($55.00): For dedicated professionals in the domain of law enforcement, security, and criminal justice firearms instruction. This membership demands proof of credentials and endorsements. Multi-year renewals available at discounted rates.
  2. Associate Membership ($55.00): For individuals passionate about our mission but may not meet the strict criteria for active status. Multi-year renewals available at discounted rates.
  3. Sponsor Membership ($550.00): For organizations, partnerships, and corporations desiring to financially back our cause and mission.
  4. Life Membership ($550.00): A prestigious status awarded to members who meet specific criteria, pending the Board’s approval.

Joining is Simple:

Download: Get our membership application here. (LINK TO PDF)

Submit: Mail, fax, or email your application to:

25 Country Club Road, Suite 707
Gilford, NH 03249
Phone: 603.524.8787
Email: info@ialefi.com

Remember: Active membership applicants, ensure you attach a copy of your firearms instructor certification from a recognized institution.

Note: International applicants, payments must be made via MasterCard, Visa, or US Money Order. We cannot accept foreign currency.

Dedication to firearms instruction demands an institution dedicated to you. IALEFI® is that institution. Join us today and lead the future of firearms instruction.

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