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Frequently Asked Questions

The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Inc. is a membership organization organized in 1981 by a group of concerned firearms instructors.
They recognized the need for a way to update and modernize the instruction and teaching techniques used to train the majority of law enforcement officers.

It is an independent, non-profit association supported by dues and managed by a Board of Directors elected from among the active members.

If a few short years, IALEFI has grown to include in it’s membership law enforcement firearms instructors from federal, state, county, local, and private agencies. Additionally, foreign countries are represented from as close as our Canadian neighbors, to as far as Hong Kong and Saipan. IALEFI addresses the universal problems encountered by all professional engaged in the field of firearms instruction.

Active Membership is open to firearms instructors professionally engaged in training law enforcement, security, criminal justice, and investigative personnel.

Associate Membership is available to other individuals who are not so engaged professionally, but are interested in furthering the aims and purposes of the Association.

Sponsor Membership is open to those corporations or individuals who wish to support IALEFI through dues.

Affiliation with IALEFI will provide you with further accreditation of a recognized organization, outside of your own agency, to add to your portfolio of credentials, for the teaching of others in the critical field of firearms instruction. Applicants for Active Membership are carefully screened to ensure that all are qualified professionals.

As defined by the bylaws, IALEFI was organized and is dedicated to: Encouraging the development and operation of training programs to firearms instructors among law enforcement, security, criminal justice, and investigative agencies and organizations, and encouraging the development of teaching skills among those engaged in the firearms training of public service personnel and the development and criteria for certification of law enforcement firearms instructors, and continually reviewing the needs for firearms training and encouraging the development, improvement and conduct of programs to meet those needs and conducting an Annual Training Conference to provide members with education in the latest techniques and technologies available to the law enforcement firearms instructor.

IALEFI® members and sponsors may indicate in their resumes, biographies, curricula vitae, and other listings of credentials that they are members or sponsors of IALEFI®. Such listings may indicate, as appropriate, membership status, dates of membership, offices held, authorship of articles published in THE FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR, attendance at IALEFI® training events, courses instructed by the member at IALEFI training events, and awards or honors received from IALEFI®. However, such listings shall not state or imply that the member is “certified” as an instructor by IALEFI®, as IALEFI® does not certify instructors at this time.

IALEFI® members and corporate sponsors may use the IALEFI® name and logo on their business cards, stationery, and other printed materials in keeping with these guidelines. Maximum height of the IALEFI® logo may not exceed 3/8″ when reproduced on a business card or other material measuring less than 5″x8″, or 5/8″ when reproduced on printed material measuring 5″x8″ or larger.

If the logo is reproduced, it must be an unmodified and accurate copy or reproduction of the IALEFI® logo, and must be accompanied by the words “Member” or “Corporate Sponsor” (as appropriate), printed legibly either directly above or directly below the logo.

Alternatively, without using the logo, the member or sponsor may print the words “Member, IALEFI®” or “Corporate Sponsor, IALEFI®,” or, ” Member, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors” or “Corporate Sponsor, International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors” in letters having a maximum height of 1/8″ when printed on a business card or other material measuring less than 5″x8″, or 1/4″ when printed on material measuring 5″x8″ or larger.

Neither IALEFI’s® name nor logo may be used, published, or distributed as described above except by IALEFI® members and corporate sponsors who are in good standing and not in arrears in payment of their dues at the time of such use, publication, or distribution.

Any commercial advertising use of IALEFI’s® name or logo, other than as specifically authorized above, is strictly prohibited, and may constitute a violation of state, federal, and/or international law.

No use of the IALEFI® name or logo is permitted which states or implies that IALEFI® approves or endorses any product, service, instructor, training method, training program, or source of training.

No use shall be made of the IALEFI® name or logo in any medium, whether printed, broadcast, recorded, televised, electronically produced or reproduced, in any public performance, appearance, address or published in any other manner, which states, implies, or is likely to induce the reader, viewer or listener to believe, that the publication has been made or sponsored by, or represents the official statement, view or position of IALEFI®.

IALEFI® reserves the right to restrict and/or prohibit any use of its name or logo which violates the above rules, or which in IALEFI’s® sole opinion is likely to mislead or create confusion, reflect detrimentally on IALEFI®, or adversely affect IALEFI® in any way.

Refund Policy 



Remarks (Effective 01/01/2024)

IALEFI Cancelled Program Refund

Full Refund

Full Refund Paid or Credit

Student Cancels 2 weeks Prior 



Student Cancels 3 weeks Prior

50 % Refund 

50% refund of course value or Full Credit for 1 Year

Student Cancels 4 weeks Prior

$50 Processing Fee

or; Free Tuition to an IALEFI Course for one year ( in the value or the original course)

Student Cancels More than 4 Weeks out

$50 Processing Fee

or; Free Tuition to an IALEFI Course for 3 Years  ( in the value or the original course)

Student Fails Course


No Refund

Student Leaves Course Due to Exigent Circumstances


Free Tuition to an IALEFI Course Within Five Years (In the value of the original course)

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