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William Leanos

William Leanos’ journey in firearms training started when he was just 22 years old. Invited by the president of the local sportsmen’s club to teach basic safety, William discovered a passion that extended into a 40-year-long career. This passion only grew as he delved into Law Enforcement, shaping him into a dedicated instructor and practitioner.

In 1988, William was selected by his department to attend LE Firearms Instructor school, marking the start of a series of milestones in his career. From 2003 to 2019, he served as the Firearms Coordinator for the State of Massachusetts, developing the Massachusetts Firearms Minimum Standards and writing the Recruit Police Academies Firearms training manual for Pistol & Patrol Rifle.

William has been recognized for his dedication to Firearms Instruction with the Jim Ring of Excellence award in 2010, a testament to his commitment and impact in the field. He played a crucial role in developing and implementing successful training programs, focusing on basic patrol tactics and fundamental firearm skills. His teaching philosophy is grounded in the basics and fundamentals, ensuring his students achieve a strong skill set and muscle memory.

He holds an Associate degree in Aeronautical Technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and Human Resources, and a Master’s degree in Criminal Administration. Additionally, William has earned various certifications, including MPTC Firearms Instructor Trainer the Trainer / Evaluator, Use of Force Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and SIMS Instructor.

William is proud of the real-world impact of his teaching, notably a situation involving a Boston Sgt successfully handling a confrontation after attending his ICS class. This led to widespread recognition and further opportunities to share his knowledge.

An active member of IALEFI since 1993, William values the network and learning opportunities the association offers, contributing to his three decades of success in the industry. He foresees a future where adapting teaching methods to new generations is crucial and is eager to contribute to this evolution.

Passionate about fishing, woodworking, and BBQ smoking, William is not just an accomplished instructor but also a culinary enthusiast. Inspired by leaders like Ray Chapman and George Harris, he believes in leading from the front and continuously learning. His journey is marked by overcoming challenges and learning from every experience, making him a resilient and well-rounded instructor.

In conclusion, William Leanos is a dedicated and experienced firearms instructor with a rich history in law enforcement and training. His commitment to basics, adaptability, and the impact of his teachings make him a respected figure in the industry, continuously striving for excellence and sharing his vast knowledge.