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Robert Woodard

With over two decades of experience in the field, Robert Woodard has established himself as a pivotal figure in firearms instruction. His journey began at the academy, where he discovered a profound interest in the tactical aspects of law enforcement, ultimately leading him to join the SWAT team and delve deep into the realm of firearms training.

Robert’s tenure of 23 years has seen him ascend to the position of Range Master and Lead Firearms Instructor for his department, a highlight of his illustrious career. His extensive certifications, ranging from a Department of Energy Pistol/Rifle Instructor to a Master Glock Armorer and a NAUI Scuba Instructor, exemplify his commitment to comprehensive expertise in the field.

A proponent of safety and realism in training, Robert emphasizes the importance of mastering basic fundamentals before progressing to high-speed training. His passion for effective weapon manipulation and low-light training underpins his teaching methodology, which adopts a building block approach, fostering a positive and supportive learning environment.

Robert’s dedication to his students is reflected in the countless success stories, notably a former regional academy student whose life was saved in a deadly force encounter thanks to the invaluable instruction received from Robert. This commitment extends beyond the range, with Robert contributing articles and lesson plans to the wider firearms community.

Outside the range, Robert finds solace in scuba diving, hiking, camping, and spending quality time with his grandchildren. He is an Eagle Scout, a testament to his belief in lifelong learning and the values instilled by scouting.

Inspired by the adage, “You will not rise to the occasion but fall to your level of training and preparedness,” Robert continually educates himself, staying abreast of the latest trends, techniques, and equipment in firearms training. He maintains an active involvement with IALEFI, where he finds the diversity of instructors and the wealth of knowledge invaluable in shaping his perspective on firearms instruction.

Robert envisions a future of firearms instruction that continues to evolve with new ideas and technologies. He urges aspiring instructors to remain dedicated to their training and be receptive to critiques to build confidence and hone their instructing abilities.

His admiration for industry peers like Mike Dulap and Ken Farren, who have significantly influenced his career, reflects Robert’s appreciation for mentorship and collaboration. Networking has played a pivotal role in enhancing his knowledge and instructing abilities, allowing him to share and gain insights from instructors globally.

Robert Woodard’s multifaceted experience, unwavering dedication to safety and realism in training, and his commitment to continuous learning make him an invaluable asset to IALEFI and the broader firearms instruction community.

Robert Woodward