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Paolo Grandis

Paolo Grandis’ journey into firearms training is deeply rooted in his cultural background, where firearms were a natural part of life, shared with his father through hunting. His growing interest in shooting was nurtured through classes with great instructors, leading him to become an instructor himself and compete in shooting events. With 17 years of experience in firearms instruction, Paolo has dedicated himself to enhancing the skills of his students.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Paolo’s career has been witnessing his students achieve fulfillment. He takes pride in helping them integrate body, mind, and skills, discovering the satisfaction and enjoyment in shooting. His certifications and training may be formal, but Paolo places greater value on continuous learning and direct interaction with students to refine his instructional abilities.

Paolo’s teaching philosophy focuses on creating a holistic experience in firearms training. He emphasizes the importance of connecting the shooter’s body and mind with the gun, considering this integration essential for effective shooting. He is particularly passionate about understanding human physiology and its role in shooting techniques, believing that aligning physiological aspects with shooting methods is crucial for a shooter’s success.

In his training sessions, Paolo pays close attention to each student’s individual physiology, guiding them to work with their inherent physical capabilities. He believes that making training sessions fun is key to student engagement and learning. Paolo takes pride in moments when he sees his students adapt and modify techniques to better suit their needs, witnessing their surprise and satisfaction.

Though he hasn’t sought public recognition or awards, Paolo’s contribution to the firearms training profession is significant, impacting one student at a time. Beyond his professional life, he enjoys hiking and spending time with animals.

Paolo stays updated and educated in firearms training through ride-alongs with police agencies, networking with other instructors, and learning from teaching experiences. His involvement with IALEFI, recommended by a friend, began in 2013 and has provided him with valuable opportunities for networking and self-education.

Paolo envisions the future of firearms instruction as a field that continually adapts to connect with students more holistically, addressing their psychological, physical, and spiritual needs. He plans to contribute by developing and offering holistic training philosophies while continually enhancing his own skills.

His advice to aspiring firearms instructors is to learn from a diverse range of sources, embrace mentorship, and not fear failure. Despite the challenge of teaching in a language that is not his first, Paolo has become more confident and effective by continuously engaging and learning.

Paolo admires Mike Pannone & Dave Spaulding for their enduring relevance and commitment to learning in the industry. Networking and collaboration have been vital in his professional journey, exposing him to the culture of firearms training in the U.S and enabling him to train with renowned instructors. For Paolo, these connections have been instrumental in his growth as an instructor.

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