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Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson, a firearms instructor with a rich 40-year history in the field, embarked on his journey following the advice of a mentor in his agency. His early interest in shooting set the foundation for his lifelong passion. Mike’s career is dotted with notable milestones, including teaching his first class for his first agency, participating in an H&K training division class, teaching his first IALEFI ATC course, and working for the NRA Law Enforcement division.

With a plethora of certifications from reputable institutions like H&K, Team One Network, NRA, Sig Academy, and the State of Florida, Mike brings a diversified and comprehensive approach to firearms training. His philosophy revolves around innovative teaching methods to ensure students’ retention, experimenting with various techniques to cater to individual needs.

Mike holds a particular passion for shotgun training, valuing its versatility and power in law enforcement. He constantly evolves his teaching methodologies, currently incorporating brain-centered learning and exploring various instructional strategies. Though he doesn’t point to a single success story, every improvement he witnesses in a student is a memorable achievement for him.

Contributing several articles to IALEFI, Mike continually seeks knowledge through books, internet studies, training conferences, and learning from other instructors. His involvement with IALEFI started when his agency sent him to lobby for an Annual Conference site, and he has been an active contributor ever since, teaching nearly every year.

Mike praises IALEFI’s unique position in the industry, attributing it to the passion of the organization and its instructors. He sees the future of firearms instruction as challenging, emphasizing the need to uphold quality as the industry evolves and to always remain a student.

One of his guiding quotes is, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. In a gunfight… You need to take your time in a hurry.” Outside the shooting range, Mike enjoys building firearms, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, and traveling. A fun and unexpected fact about him is his fond memory of having a pet duck that would accompany him watching TV.

He holds high regard for Dave Sleeth, Bill Sandman, and John Meyer, admiring Dave for his challenges, Bill for his enduring advice, and John Meyer for his guidance and opportunities. Networking and collaboration have been pivotal in Mike’s journey, fostering his education in firearms and helping him build lasting friendships in the industry.

Mike Johnson