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Lou Ann Hamblin

Lou Ann Hamblin embarked on her journey into firearms instruction directly after graduating from the police academy, having been recruited to teach firearms at the very same institution. With a rich experience spanning 29 years, Lou Ann has contributed significantly to the realm of firearms instruction, marking several milestones along the way. One of the highlights of her career includes teaching at Heckler and Koch’s International Training Division, where she had the opportunity to interact with individuals from around the globe.

Although Lou Ann modestly states that she holds “too many to count” certifications and specialized training relevant to this field, her commitment to the discipline is evident through her interactive and adult-focused teaching philosophy. Lou Ann takes particular pride in teaching female shooters and is well-known for employing creative instructional strategies in her training sessions.

Beyond her extensive work in firearms instruction, Lou Ann is a proud recipient of the “University of Michigan Alumnus of the Year” award for her valuable contribution to public safety. A keen enthusiast of running and cycling, she finds solace in these activities when she’s not on the training field.

Lou Ann draws inspiration from Indiana Jones’ famous quote, “It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage,” reflecting her belief in valuing experiences over time. To stay abreast of the evolving world of firearms training, she engages in diverse learning experiences, attending classes, reading articles, and diversifying her interests.

Her journey with IALEFI began with encouragement from one of her firearms instructors, a step that she acknowledges as a career-changing move. Lou Ann commends IALEFI’s training programs for their emphasis on experience, decision-based learning, and efficient use of ammo. She sees the need for continued investment in the future of firearms instruction and encourages aspiring instructors to be financially prepared.

Having a mentor like John Meyer, who has been a continuous source of guidance and friendship, has been instrumental for Lou Ann. She recognizes networking and collaboration as defining elements of her professional journey, emphasizing the significant role they have played in shaping her career in firearms instruction. Lou Ann’s dedication, experience, and unique approach to teaching make her a respected figure in the industry, contributing to the development and betterment of firearms training.

Lou Ann Hamblin