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Greg Pickering

Greg Pickering’s journey into the world of firearms training is rooted in his early experiences with his father and grandfather, who introduced him to shooting and hunting during his childhood. This lifelong passion for firearms eventually led him to a professional career in instructing survival skills since 1999, and later, firearms training from 2007. Over the past 16 years, Greg has distinguished himself as an NRA Certified Instructor and an IALEFI ATC, RTC, MIPD, FIC Instructor, contributing significantly to the field with his expertise.

Greg’s career is marked by notable achievements, including teaching at prestigious venues like the SHOT Show. His qualifications are extensive and relevant, including being an NRA Pistol/Shotgun Instructor, IALEFI FIC, Sub Machine Gun Instructor, and an expert in RDS/Pistol Mounted Optics.

At the core of Greg’s teaching philosophy is the belief that firearms training for law enforcement officers must be relevant, engaging, and continually evolving to match current practices and advancements in equipment. He is particularly passionate about the RDS platform and the patrol rifle platform, areas where he has devoted significant attention and expertise.

Greg’s approach to training is student-centered, focusing on creating a positive connection with learners and employing methods that keep them engaged and eager to learn. A testament to his effective teaching style is his experience with transforming a newly hired officer with no prior firearms experience into a confident and competent shooter, a journey that Greg finds incredibly fulfilling.

Beyond his professional commitments, Greg enjoys the outdoors and has been an active high school football coach for eight seasons. He remains committed to his own learning and stays abreast of the latest developments in firearms training by participating as a student in various training programs, watching instructional videos, and keeping up with new products and ideas through social media.

Greg’s involvement with IALEFI, encouraged by Mike Dunlap, has been a significant influence in his career. His association with IALEFI has not only shaped his professional path but also reinforced his commitment to the highest standards in firearms training.

Greg Pickering