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Greg Bettis

Greg Bettis’ journey in firearms instruction began 34 years ago, when his professional career as a police officer seamlessly merged with his lifelong passion for firearms and gunfighting. Recommended by a supervisor in his department, Greg embarked on a path that would see him become a renowned expert in the field. His expertise is backed by a wealth of certifications, including Georgia POST Master Instructor, FBI Firearms Instructor, and NRA Tactical Shooting Instructor, amongst various others.

Greg’s teaching philosophy centers around the idea that teaching a skill is a finite achievement, but teaching to teach ensures that learning never ceases. He emphasizes developing a gunfight mindset and is dedicated to delivering his lessons with conviction and passion, ensuring that his students receive nothing but his absolute best. Greg believes that his success lies not in accolades but in being a truly valuable instructor who makes a lasting impact on his students.

A testament to his impactful teaching style, Greg shares that the victories in his career are twofold: hearing from officers who have won or avoided deadly encounters due to his teachings and learning that instructors, who were once his students, are now experiencing the same victories by teaching others.

Guided by the profound quote from John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this, that he lays down his life for his friends,” Greg continues to stay updated and educated in the ever-evolving world of firearms training. He is a firm believer that deep learning occurs when standing in front of students and delivering the message, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of in-person instruction.

Greg’s association with IALEFI began in 1989 when he attended the Annual Training Conference. He praises IALEFI for its unique focus on delivering programs centered around repeatable teaching methods that are immediately usable to the student, setting it apart in the industry. Greg considers the networking and collaboration opportunities provided by IALEFI as one of the biggest encouragements in his professional journey, allowing him to share challenges and gain wisdom from like-minded instructors.

Looking forward, Greg sees the necessity of navigating through the challenges posed by the influence of social media on firearms and use of force instruction. He underscores the importance of free thinking and encourages questioning the ‘why’ behind practices, saluting those willing to step out of the box in search of better ways.

Throughout his career, Greg Bettis has remained a committed and passionate educator, dedicated to fostering a gunfight mindset and instilling the value of continual learning in his students. His association with IALEFI and his conviction in the power of in-person teaching make him a valuable asset in shaping the future of firearms instruction.

Greg Bettis