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Bobby Cummings

Bobby Cummings, a dedicated firearms instructor with 11 years of experience, found his passion for firearms and law enforcement through a friendship in his 20’s with a VA State Trooper. His career journey is unique, working as part of a design team specializing in creating indoor firing ranges for LE and the military. With a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and professional engineering registrations in Virginia and multiple other states, Bobby blends technical expertise with practical experience.

Bobby’s dedication to the field started with the Chesapeake Police Department, where he played a vital role in training reserve officers. Now, as part of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office, he has become an instrumental figure in shaping and instigating the training programs for the agency. He believes that every day on the range is a highlight.

Certified as a Virginia LE Firearms Instructor and an armorer for Glock, AR-15, and Mossberg, Bobby’s teaching philosophy centers around prioritizing safety and emphasizing realism. He advocates for training scenarios that mimic actual encounters, incorporating non-lethal apparatus and simulators to teach judgment. His commitment to realism and continuous learning has led him to incorporate the best ideas and methods from instructors around the country.

Bobby takes pride in his ability to make a difference, recalling the transformation of a struggling trainee into a successful deputy through intensive coaching. Though he hasn’t received any specific awards or recognitions, his contributions to the field are valuable. He’s an advocate of lifelong learning, continually attending courses and conferences, including those of IALEFI, to stay updated on new techniques and methods.

Bobby’s involvement with IALEFI began with an invitation from a fellow instructor and has been a significant influence on his career. He values the diversity and expertise of IALEFI’s instructors, appreciating the blend of skills that contribute to comprehensive training. Bobby envisions a future of firearms instruction that prioritizes realism, and he encourages aspiring instructors to be continuous learners.

Outside of firearms instruction, Bobby is passionate about scuba diving, having been a diver for over 42 years and an instructor for 21 years. He enjoys traveling to exotic locations with his wife to explore the underwater world. A quote from Dirty Harry, “a man needs to know his limitations,” inspires him to continuously strive for improvement in all aspects of life.

Funnily enough, despite his adventurous spirit, Bobby confesses to a fear of heights, which he jokes makes firefighting out of the question for him! He admires every instructor dedicated to training officers effectively and safely and acknowledges the role of networking and collaboration in shaping his professional journey in both law enforcement and engineering.

Bobby Cummings