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Numa Landry

Numa Landry has dedicated 28 years to the art of firearms instruction, beginning his journey in 1981 as a police officer. Eager to improve his shooting skills, Numa immersed himself in various firearms classes and quickly became proficient in advanced shooting techniques. His passion for knowledge-sharing became apparent as he took on a mentorship role, disseminating his newfound skills amongst fellow officers. In 1983, his talents led him to an assignment with S.W.A.T., where he further honed his proficiency and continued to share his expertise.

Numa’s commitment to his craft resulted in his appointment as a firearms instructor for his department in 1992, a role he held until his retirement in 2011. Throughout his illustrious career, Numa has been honored with gratitude from both new and veteran police officers, who attribute their enhanced mental and physical shooting skills to his teachings. A pivotal moment in his career was being named IALEFI’s Instructor of the Year in 2019, a testament to his significant contribution to the field.

Equipped with a myriad of certifications, including being a Virginia State Certified Firearms Instructor and receiving specialized training with the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, Numa is well-versed in the latest methodologies and approaches in firearms training. His teaching philosophy revolves around instilling a gunfighting mindset and maintaining the relevance of his teachings to real-life situations officers may encounter on the streets.

Guided by the timeless wisdom of Sun Tzu, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles,” Numa stays abreast of the latest developments in firearms training through continuous dialogue with established instructors and insights from his students. He closely monitors recent police shootings throughout the country, ensuring his teachings remain current and applicable.

Numa’s involvement with IALEFI started in 2013, and it has significantly shaped his career, providing a platform to influence other firearms instructors. He values the face-to-face learning experience that IALEFI offers, emphasizing its role in fostering better instructors in an era where social media has impacted traditional instruction methods.

Looking to the future, Numa advocates for continual learning, practice, and certification in firearms instruction. He fondly remembers Ron Avery as a mentor and friend, attributing much of his knowledge to Ron’s guidance. Networking and collaboration have played a crucial role in Numa’s evolution as an instructor, and he remains a dedicated advocate for quality firearms training, contributing to the ongoing development of the field.

Numa Landry