2024 IALEFI Firearms Instructor of the Year

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Each year IALEFI selects a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor of the Year which recognizes and honors an individual who demonstrates innovative training, outstanding skills, exemplary leadership and a long term, lasting contribution to law enforcement firearms training. The recipient will be recognized at the Annual Training Conference and receive a free tuition scholarship for the next ATC.

Eligibility: This award is open to all current IALEFI members currently active in the law enforcement firearms training arena. A narrative nomination letter must be submitted no later than July 1,2024 by an active IALEFI member with direct knowledge of the nominee’s efforts to maintain and improve training in their department, community, or training sphere. The winning nominee will be selected by committee based upon the following criteria. To submit send email to info@ialefi.com with Nominee on the subject line, must be submitted by July 1, 2024.

Training Ability

Forward thinking and demonstrates a commitment to staying current on subject matter relevant to the field and to their skill level. Should exhibit a commitment to continually advancing and honing their skill and the skill of their students. Demonstrates and holds high standards and procedures set for skill development and discipline and to always maintain those standards under all circumstances.


Consistently and continually develops training that is progressive, innovative and strives to move past standard or stagnant methods of learning, training, or skills relevant to firearms training, but also developing new, advanced, or refined tactics and techniques presented in the best methodology possible for maximum learning and skill development. Demonstrates a continual commitment to progressive concepts and constantly strives to present the most current yet relative information.


Proven to exhibit, demonstrate and exemplify leadership qualities and abilities and to set an example by ability, inspiration, and dedication.


Known for and demonstrates consistent use of stringent safeguards that minimize the risk of injury and in promoting a safety mindset and training environment while safely pushing the envelope and environment for cutting edge firearms training.

Interpersonal Skills

Regularly exhibit strong interpersonal communication skills. Skilled at communications, presentation, instruction, problems solving and instructional resolution.

Long Term Commitment / Durability

Demonstration of a history of providing or facilitating quality long term training and being known for going the extra distance to serve students in their sphere. Service beyond assigned duties is noteworthy and will be strongly considered.

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