Thirtyeight and Not Too Late

Thirtyeight and Not too Late

   This year we continue to celebrate the legacy of Charlie Smith as IALEFI has been in existence for 38 years.  The founding father of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors was Charlie Smith.  Charlie gathered a group of firearms instructors together for what was the beginning of IALEFI.  They formed the organization, created by-laws, and begin to grow and to train.  Charlie Smith, in my opinion, created two legacies.  First was IALEFI, the second was the Smith and Wesson Academy.  The Academy no longer exist as many of us remember it but IALEFI is still here, still training and still continuing the legacy and fulfilling the dream of Charlie Smith.
    Mr. Smith passed away this year, but in celebration of his life I am initiating the “38 and Not Too Late” campaign to raise money for the IALEFI Scholarship Program.  Last year we did the $25.00 Challenge in honor of Pat Beckley who donates $25.00 per week to the scholarship fund.  As a result of the campaign, the Scholarship Committee awarded five scholarships to attend the 2018 ATC.
    My goal this year is to give ten scholarships to the 2019 ATC to further fulfil the legacy of Mr. Smith.  We need to continue to train, continue to grow, continue to meet the emerging needs of our communities and what better way than to assist those officers who have neither the personal resources nor the agency resources to achieve this training.   While I would love to have every member donate $38.00, I know that is not a possibility.  What is a possibility is for everyone to donate some amount.  As the old saying goes, “every little bit helps.”  Please think of helping others by being a donor to the “38 and Not Too Late” campaign.  Send any amount you wish to help a fellow officer in need.      IALEFI is a great organization that has given approximately 75 scholarships over the past two decades, but we can do more with your help.
    I am starting this ball rolling by having sent my check already.  Join me in helping do not just a good deed, but a great deed by being a part of the scholarship fund drive.  “38 and Not Too Late” is officially underway, please jump on board.

Steve Johnson
IALEFI Board of Directors, Chairperson – Scholarship Committee

Click here to make a donation to the  Thirtyeight and Not Too Late Scholarship!