What is IALEFI®?


The International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Inc® is a membership organization organized in 1981 by a group of concerned firearms instructors. They recognized the need for a way to update and modernize the instruction and teaching techniques being used to train the majority of law enforcement officers.

It is an independent, non-profit association supported by dues and managed by a Board of Directors elected from among the active members.

In a few years, IALEFI has grown to include in it's membership law enforcement firearms instructors from federal, state, county, local, and private agencies. Additionally, foreign countries are represented from as close as our Canadian neighbors to as far as Hong Kong and Saipan. 

IALEFI® addresses the universal problems encountered by all professionals engaged in the field of firearms instruction.



Why Should I Join?

Affiliation with IALEFI® will provide members with:

  • Further accreditation of a recognized organization, outside the member's own agency, 

  • Addition to member's portfolio of credentials,

  • Improving skills for the teaching of others in the critical field of firearms instruction,

  • Access to the Members Area at the IALEFI website, including message boards and The Firearms Instructor online magazine,

  • IALEFI® courses, Regional Training Conferences, and the Annual Training Conference,

  • Member discounts offered by corporate sponsors.

Applicants are carefully screened to ensure that all are qualified professionals.
Membership in IALEFI® is an investment in your future as a law enforcement firearms trainer.


What are the types of Memberships in IALEFI®?

Active Membership Qualifications

Applicants for Active Membership ($55.00) are carefully screened to ensure that all are qualified professionals. Active members are individuals at least twenty-one (21) years of age professionally engaged in training of law enforcement, security, criminal justice and investigative agency and organization (licensed or officially recognized by their respective state or country) personnel in the use of firearms and shooting skills, or such an individual who has retired under normal retirement procedures, or has been placed on disability due to injuries or illness subject to Board review. Under exceptional circumstances, an individual less than twenty-one (21) years of age applying for active membership could, upon approval by a majority of the Board of Directors, be accepted to Active membership in the Association.  Once your membership has been established we have optional 2 and 3 year renewals offering savings, 2 year for $100.00 and 3 years for $150.00.

Applicants for active membership must have successfully completed an initial law enforcement firearm instructor course recognized by IALEFI® and provide a copy of the certificate of completion with the application. Documents that are unable to be verified will not be considered.

The written endorsement by the applicant’s supervisor (or past supervisor for retired / disability retired applicants) is required for approval. Firearms Instructors not affiliated with an agency, must attach letter(s) or other proof that they are professionally engaged in firearms training of law enforcement, security, criminal justice, or investigative personnel.

Associate members who later qualify for Active Membership must file a new application. They will be upgraded at no cost.

Associate Membership
Associate members ($55.00) are individuals at least twenty-one (21) years of age interested in furthering the aims and purposes of this organization but not meeting requirements for active status. The written endorsement of an employer or a current IALEFI® member will assist in the membership approval process. Once your membership has been established we have optional 2 and 3 year renewals offering savings, 2 year for $100.00 and 3 years for $150.00.

Sponsor ($550.00) is available to partnerships, organizations, or corporations who wish to provide financial support to the organization.

Life Membership ($550.00) is available to members meeting a set criteria and approved by the Board of Directors. Contact the IALEFI office to obtain the application and learn more about the process of applying for Lifetime Membership.

How do I Join IALEFI®?

Download the membership application pdf file here,  print and fill it out, and mail/fax/email it to:

25 Country Club Road, Suite 707
Gilford, NH 03249
phone: 603.524.8787

Your membership application will be reviewed promptly.

Please Note: a copy of your certificate/diploma certifying you as a firearms instructor from a recognized federal, state, or private training institution (N.R.A., S&W Academy, H&K, SigArms, State Law Enforcement Training Council, POST, etc.) must accompany your application for active membership.

International member applications must make payments by MasterCard, Visa, or US Money Order.
Foreign currency cannot be accepted.


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