Firearms Instructor Course

Firearms Instructor Course

The IALEFI® Firearms Instructor Course is designed to train and certified law enforcement, military, and licensed security personnel as instructors. This 44-hour course is interactive with students directly participating in course presentations through developing and teaching segments of learning while being mentored by experienced firearms instructors. 

Students attending will learn the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement firearms instructors. Students will learn methods of instruction, how to prepare, and present lesson plans. Students will learn range procedures, range commands, range safety, and range control.  Students will learn how to diagnose and correct problems shooter.    

Students must complete the following required exercises:
  1. Students must research and present a classroom briefing of an adjudicated state or federal court case and in class, teach its effects on law enforcement firearms training (i.e. Popow v. City of Margate).
  2. Students will develop a lesson plan and course of fire from numerous enforcement firearms instructional objectives. They will present that objective in the classroom and their developed course of fire on the range.
  3. Students will research an officer-involved shooting incident that has occurred in their agency, area, or has national prominence. They will develop a course of fire to address the lessons learned from the incident and present it on the range.
This program may be used as an instructor's initial course or as a supplement to past training and serves as another alternative to prepare firearms instructors. Students must have a background as a basic law enforcement, military, or civilian instructor.  Acceptable programs of adult learning include general topics instructor and any degree in education.
The course has been evaluated and approved by the IADLEST National Certification Program.  Further information is available on the NCP website -

The course was developed by a panel of subject matter experts with decades of experience training new firearms instructors. It was extensively pilot tested and received excellent student evaluations. The result is a challenging firearms instructor training program that both employers and instructors can be confident in fulfilling their needs.

For a list of scheduled courses visit the calendar at IALEFI, if interested in hosting a course contact IALEFI® at or by telephone at 603 524-8787.