Firearms Instructor Course

Firearms Instructor Course

The Firearms Instructor Course is designed to train law enforcement, military, and licensed security personnel as firearms instructors. This 44-hour course is highly interactive with students directly participating in course presentation through developing and teaching segments of learning while being mentored by experienced firearms instructors. The course consists of the following sections of learning:

Orientation and Course Overview
IALEFI® Safety Check and Shooting Pretest
Liability and Court Case Exercises
Duties and Responsibilities of LE Firearms Instructors
Pistols and Revolvers
Preparation of Lesson Plans
Methods of Instruction
Range Procedures - Commands and Safety
Diagnosing and Correcting Shooter Problems
Practical Range Exercises (Including low light)
Written Examination

The course was developed by a panel of subject matter experts with decades of experience teaching new firearms instructors. It was extensively pilot tested and received excellent student evaluations. The result is a challenging firearms instructor training program that both employers and instructors can be confident in.

This program may be used as an instructor's initial course or as a supplement to past training and serves as another alternative to prepare firearms instructors.

Contact IALEFI® at or by telephone at 603 524-8787 for information on sponsoring a Firearms Instructor Course.