Complete Range Master Course

Complete Range Master

This three day course is the journey to become the Complete Range Master.  With an emphasis on developing immediately useable skills, the course incorporates lesson plan development through live-fire student-designed and grade practical exercises.  It is designed for both novice and veteran firearms instructors who wish to enter a more advance phase of their careers and duties.  For those who wish to become a Complete Range Master this course will expose them to:
  • Range master selection and position justification
  • Adult learning principles
  • Lesson plan development and execution
  • Safety of their personnel and students
  • Range incident action plans including medical emergencies
  • Span and overall control of the Range Master
  • Budget development for the Range Master
  • Pertinent case law
  • Policy and procedure development for the Range Master
  • Scheduling and record keeping for the Range Master

For a list of scheduled courses visit the calendar at IALEFI, if interested in hosting a Complete Range Master Course contact us at or call 603-524-8787.