Annual Training Conference

IALEFI Annual Training Conference

The Annual Training Conference (ATC) is an annual seminar providing informative individual classes and dynamic live fire range exercises that are topical, relevant, and dependent to law enforcement, military, and private sector firearms instructors.  Topics include handguns, shotguns, rifles, defensive tactics and armorers courses.  Experts from across the international law enforcement training community are invited to introduce and expand your knowledge in current firearm tactics, skills or evaluate the need for additional training and equipment.  These trainers encourage you to adapt their information to in-service training for your department.  

The ATC will also provide you with the opportunity to meet, network, exchange information, and ideas with fellow firearms instructors.  You will also have the opportunity to see and evaluate firearms related products and technologies presented through corporate sponsors and manufacturers' displays.  Lifelong professional relationships begin at our training events and this networking only serves to advance the goals of our members. 

For detailed information on the Annual Training Conference go to IALEFIATC