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West Hampton New York
Suffolk County Police Range
August 19-20, 2010

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Beyond Qualifications – Increasing Pistol Proficiency for Law Enforcement
8 Hours
Instructor - Darren d’Auteuil

Instruction:               Though law enforcement and competition are two different genres, mastery of the pistol is still mastery of the pistol. For law enforcement, the ultimate decision to use deadly force can become catastrophic if it is exasperated by the fact that the officer is unsure of his ability to neutralize the threat. Where the mindset for engaging a card board target is different from engaging a human target, the techniques used by competitors looking for supreme accuracy and speed have benefits to instill confidence both on the range and on the street. Students will demonstrate the concept of proper decision-making utilizing available tactics based on the use of force continuum. This course will encompass both classroom lecture and range exercises.
 Instructor:                Darren d’Auteuil is a member of the NYPD Firearms and Tactics Section. He teaches basic and advanced tactics and the New York City Firing Range and competes nationally with the International Defensive Pistol Assoc. (IDPA)
Student Requirements:  Wrap around eye protection, Ear protection, Duty rig and service weapon or carry weapon, Holster, magazine pouches, At least three magazines, 300 rounds of ammunition, Concealment garment, Soft body armor is recommended
Tactical Handgun: Breaking Your Speed Barriers
8 Hours
Sgt. Bill Campbell

Instruction:               This class looks into the shortcomings of traditional law enforcement range training, which is often based on marksmanship skills to pass a qualification test. This course is designed around the realities of a close quarter, sudden confrontation and the need for accurate hits faster than standard qualifications allow. The student instructor will be taught principles to recognize where time is wasted and to learn to teach methods to speed up their student draw, presentation, shooting and recoil recovery.
Instructor:                 Sgt. Bill Campbell is a veteran firearms instructor and SWAT team leader. Bill teaches firearms instructor development courses nationwide for the NRA Law Enforcement division. He has presented at multiple IALEFI ATCs and RTCs and is regularly published in “Police One.com” and other Law Enforcement publications.
Student Requirements:  Wraparound eye protection, Ear protection, Duty handgun with at least 3 high cap magazines in a standard duty gun belt and duty holster (no thigh holsters/ plain-clothes holster, 350 rounds of ammunition

General Information
  • All range activities require a hat, wrap around eye protection and ear protection. The use of soft body armor during training is recommended.
  • All participants who have not completed an IALEFI® safety check will be required to do so.
Eligibility: Attendees must be a member of IALEFI® or a certified law enforcement officer.
THIS CONFERENCE IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 50 people who send in their registration and conference fee or purchase orders etc. IALEFI® will invoice your Department and/or agency if so requested.
Cost: Member 

Note:   Non-member conference fee includes one year of Associate Membership to IALEFI® (Full membership with approved credentials).


Accommodations available at the Holiday Inn Express located at 1707 Old Country Rd., Riverhead, NY 11901.  $119.00 plus tax (single/double) event # 2028, Phone 631-548-1000

Mail registration and fee to:

     25 Country Club Road Suite 707
     Gilford, NH  03249

     Phone:  603-524-8787 or Fax 603-524-8856

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