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Cortland New York
July 29 – 30, 2010

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Police Laser Sight Instructor Course
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Reactive vs. Precision Shooting  
Down, Not Out
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Gun In Hand…Now What??

Better to have it and not to need it…than to need it and not to have it.
Philip J. Messina

Instruction:                 It’s not uncommon for officers to find themselves in non-lethal, yet extremely dangerous situations with their firearm in hand simply because the potential for lethal force was present when the firearm was drawn from the holster.

This course will instruct the trainee on the best tactics in which to realistically transition to non-lethal force while holding their firearm until such time as it can successfully be holstered in a safe and secure manner.

Instructor:                 Philip J. Messina – highly decorated NYPD Officer, was the first training officer for the largest community oriented patrol program in the US (C.P.O.P.)

He is currently certified as an instructor and instructor trainer in over a dozen defensive tactics and self defense systems.  He has taught defensive tactics for over 25 years and has a martial arts background of almost 40 years.  He currently serves on the Board of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA).

Mr. Messina has been a staff instructor for the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, and the Illinois Tactical Officer’s Association.  He is the author of Warrior 101: A Handbook for the Modern Warrior.

Student Requirements:  Clothing suitable for vigorous physical activity.

Police Laser Sight Instructor Course

Marshall Schmitt

Instruction:               This course is specifically designed for current law enforcement handgun instructors.  The program focuses on how a laser sight can be used to advantage in training, combat marksmanship, and liability reductions.  Participants will receive sufficient material and practical applications to conduct laser sight training.  It will include classroom lecture, written exam and the use of a computer simulator for firing drills, exercises, and scenario based training.

Instructor:                 Marshall has been a street officer, investigator, and supervisor in local and state law enforcement.  He has trained, contributed, and worked for numerous companies and training groups and provided training on the local, state, federal, and international levels.  He has been a firearms instructor since 1980, Rangemaster, sniper, adjunct college instructor, and served on the Clandestine Laboratory Response Team with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.  He is retired but continues to train at all levels including at IALEFI Annual and Regional Training Conferences.

Student Requirements:  Pen & notebook

Reactive vs. Precision Shooting

Mike Boyle, Director, IALEFI Board of Directors

Instruction:               In defensive shooting scenarios, an officer must strike a balance between speed and accuracy.  Because the offender typically initiates the action the officer is at an immediate disadvantage because he must first locate and assess the threat before counterattacking.  This picture is further compounded by the fact that attacks usually take place in close quarters, which compresses times available for response.  Clearly speed is of the essence.  Speed without precision is of no value.  Not only must our response be quick, but we must be able to place our hits where they will do the most good.  In most instances, threats will be inside what almost all of us would categorize as conversational distance.  The marksmanship side of the equation is not all that difficult however doing it speed when subjected to life threatening stress is another issue altogether.  Ideally, an officer should be proficient in both reactive and precision skills.  Anything less represents only part of the picture.

Instructor:                 Mike Boyle served with the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Law Enforcement.  He was responsible for all aspects of pre-service and in service training for his agency and was an Assistant Police Academy Director.  Mike is a certified instructor in handguns, shot guns, rifles, SMG and many less lethal disciplines and is the author of over 400 published articles on police equipment, tactics and training.

Student Requirements:  Handgun, holster and 200 rounds of ammunition

Down, Not Out

Patrick Sacco, Verdad Investigations & Protection

Instruction:               This course is designed to assist the instructor in demonstration and instructing in-service personnel and recruit level personnel in firing the duty handgun under conditions of disadvantage.  It is designed to take the student out of their comfort zone, from the traditional standing and kneeling positions to possible “street” conditions that may require use of a firearm from a totally defensive position.  Translation: If you fall or are knocked down, you are NOT out of the fight..SURVIVE.

Instructor:                Pat Sacco is a retired Police Officer, firearms instructor, and armorer.  Street experience4 has included patrol, investigation, and assignment to the Onondaga Major Felony Unit as a Spanish language translator.  Pat holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement Training from Norwich University and remains active as a firearms instructor.

Student Requirements:  Duty gun and gun belt, reloading devices.  Blue or red training gun if available and 150 rounds of ammunition.  Knee and elbow pads optional, ballistic vest recommended.

General Information
  •  Participants are asked to report to the …..Range on 7394 Stockton Rd, Cuyler New York, 13158 at 0730 on July 29th for check-in
  • All range activities require a hat, wrap around eye protection and ear protection. The use of soft body armor during training is recommended.
  • All participants who have not completed an IALEFI® safety check will be required to do so.
Eligibility: Attendees must be a member of IALEFI® or a certified law enforcement officer.
THIS CONFERENCE IS LIMITED TO THE FIRST 50 people who send in their registration and conference fee or purchase orders etc. IALEFI® will invoice your Department and/or agency if so requested.
Cost: Member 

Note:   Non-member conference fee includes one year of Associate Membership to IALEFI® (Full membership with approved credentials).


Accommodations available at the Ramada Cortland, 2 River St., Cortland NY 13045 (607) 756-4431.  A special room rate of $65.00 per night has been secured.  To guarantee this rate, you must make your reservations by June 28, 2010, reference IALEFI®Conference when making your reservations.

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